Do you ever ask yourself..... What is the meaning of life?


Here at Woolwich Evangelical Church we try to provide the only solution for the need of the soul, that is faith in Jesus Christ. We plead with you not to let the ultimate meaning and purpose of life pass you by.


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Perhaps you are wondering... What to expect?


Perhaps you have never been to church before or not for a long time. We understand it can be a bit frightening to go into a place where you don't know anyone.
Please do come along.


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Sunday School

Are you wondering... What about my children?


We provide Sunday School every Sunday, with experienced teachers sharing the message of the Bible.


Children from all backgrounds are welcome at our School and we are happy to arrange collection of your children if you would like them to come.


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The Gospel

Do you find yourself questioning, in today's world... What is truth?


We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and accept the Word of God as the only rule of life and practice.


Study the Bible with us and come to know Him as Lord and Saviour.


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Sunday, 29th January 

11am & 6.30pm - Pastor Ashley Mendes

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