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Woolwich Evangelical Church is an independent Reformed Baptist church, which has been established for well over 100 years.


Of course, like so many things in life the label does not always describe the article! We all know that there are all sorts of Churches that have similar names but are vastly different in their beliefs and what they do.


The same goes for Baptists. In the UK there are an enormous variety of churches calling themselves ‘Baptist’ many of whom have strayed a long way from clear Bible truth. We believe the Bible is truly God’s Word and must be our only rule of life and practice.


As a Baptist Church we only baptise adult believers by total immersion. But more than that, Bible believing Baptists see in the Scriptures an independent local church. Simply, they believe this means that each congregation of baptised believers in a local area form one whole church of the Lord Jesus Christ. They are independent in that there is no earthly authority outside of that church. Its Head, the Lord Jesus Christ  rules His church by the Scriptures which are committed to faithful men who are invited to lead the church and direct it to full obedience and worship only by what the Bible says.


Baptists believe that the true expression of a real church can only be seen where the following can be demonstrated in its life and work:


  • It is a church that truly worships with reverence and joy.

  • It is fully committed to prayer for the blessing of God

  • The members truly seek to please God by their lives and holiness.

  • The members are zealously engaged in a practical work with loyal service to evangelise.

  • The believers have a true thirst for the Word of God to build themselves up in the faith and usefulness for the Lord.

  • The great task of the church is to preach the gospel in a direct manner and so they set aside one meeting a week to invite people to come and hear a direct gospel message.

  • The church should avoid all contact with error, by association or union with those that deny the scriptures in any way. Yet they believe in close fellowship with all those that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity.

  • The church should display a true love and affection between the members and towards all that come within their sphere of influence, whether children or adults.

  • Above all, it is a believing church where all the members have a true belief and trust in the God of the Bible and a personal trust in the salvation purchased by the Lord Jesus on the Cross and have been baptised on profession of Faith.


If any of these vital elements be missing then we would question our right to be called a Baptist Church!


Of course the only way to find out for sure what a Baptist Church is, is to come along and see for yourself.


You would be most welcome. We suggest for a first visit that you come Sunday evening (6.30pm)

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